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Pat Lawless Solo Circumnavigator


The following page shows video footage Pat took on his camcorder while sailing around the world and Interviews with Pat.

Interview with Gay Byrne 1989

Interview with Gay Byrne

Interview with Cathal MacCoille

Interview with Shane Kenny

Dan and Clive Join Pat in the village of Quintero in Chile for some repairs to the boat in dry dock. This clip shows the re-floating of the boat....nervous times!!

A humorous clip as Dan and Clive stock up on provisions with Pat before heading off for some sight-seeing in the village of Quintero in Chile.

Interview with Shay Byrne

200 miles North of the Equator and four days out from Manta in Ecuador, Pat takes time out to talk to us about the uniqueness of the Pacific Ocean as he approaches the Doldrums.

With progress very slow, Pat takes some time out to give us the news from the Straits of Florida

Pat relaxes after a long night navigating and introduces us to his pelican friends.

Pat gives us an inside into the side of sailing we don't like meeting - rough weather

Pat brings us below deck to show us how he looks after himself while at sea.

Pat talks about a group of sailors he met in Chile called - The Brotherhood of the Sea

Interview Part 1 - Dan (Pat's son) interviews him about life at sea. The interview took place while Dan was visiting him in Concón in Chile.

Par 2 of the interview of Pat by his son Dan in Concón - Chile

13th of June and Pat is one day out from Fort Lauderdale heading off on his fifth Atlantic crossing.

31st December 1995 - Pat heads for Peru in South America. He also gives us a guided tour of below deck.

Dan and Clive deliver presents to Pat in Santiago - Chile. Everything from a letter of introduction from the Mayor of Limerick, Jim Kemmy to rashers and sausages from Mahers Butchers in Parnell Street, Limerick.

May 5th and Pat is leaving the Panama Canal Yacht Club as he heads for Cuba and Fort Lauderdale before crossing the Atlantic on the home stage.

Pat relaxes after a tricky landing on the Cayman Islands and talks about being proud of his Limerick and Irish heritage.

Pat gets a tow from the Chilean Autorida Maritima (The Naval police in Chile) as he arrives at a dockside full of reporters, TV crews and journalists as well as an official welcome from the Navy.

Pat spends some time with friends Alan and Theresa in Bluff , New Zealand. While his boat, Loon, is in dry dock for repairs etc. He also takes in some sightseeing.

Pat takes some time out to tell us about what he likes to eat for lunch and he also introduces us to his best friend - his GPS

Pat reaches a milestone on his journey as he completes 1198 miles of his leg to Manta in Ecuador.

Past explains his calculations for the final legs of his trip - Cayman to Cuba, Cuba to Florida, Florida to Cape Hatteras or Chesapeake Bay and finally, 2760 miles across the North Atlantic to Ireland.